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WOW Freaking Sucks

July 23, 2009

One thing I noticed is that when I’m playing MMO’s, I’m not blogging about them.  I went back to WOW about a month ago, and I was determined to try out the raiding side of the game this time.  Rather than doing it as a DPS, I decided to raid as a priest the class that I usually play MMO’s with.  So I grinded out the last 10 levels I needed on my priest, and once I reached 80 I was stuck doing 3 things.  Grinding heroics, grinding BG’s, and Grinding rep so I can get some respectable gear for raids.

It was insanely boring but I finally got through all that crap to start my first raid.  We did a portion of naxx and although we wiped a lot we downed a few named’s thad, 4 horsemen, saph, and kel.  All the nameds have little gimmicks to them, but they are very frustrating as a healer.  If a player isn’t paying attention to his electrical charge, doesn’t move to the other side of the room when they have too many dots stacked on 4 hm, or stands in void fissures there is nothing I can do for them.  I give blizzard credit for getting outside the box a bit for these raid encounter but they way overdid it.  Raids should be more about pushing players skill to the max not how well they react to the silly little gimmicks.

Another thing that I hate about the raids is the pick up group element to it.  The raids are easy to get into but they’re so many self centered idiots out there, I just can’t put up with it.  After I got through the bg, heroics, and rep grinding it goes right to the naxx, vault, whatever else grind.  I don’t think this is going to last, I’m so sick of the linear random pug raid grind that there is just no end to.


What a Mess Brad McQuaid Got Himself Into

July 3, 2009

When Brad blogged about how he was going to write about what went right and wrong with VG, all I could think of is why the hell are you putting yourself through this again.  You just got back to the MMO realm there is no need to beat this dead horse even more.  Brad just started part 1 of the VG flashbacks and it’s just going to get nastier from here on out.  There’s no way this is going to end well for this blog series, ecspecially for something that should of ended years ago.  Here are some quotes from the commenters in Brad’s blog.

“You ruined VG, PLAIN and SIMPLE.  Ask any of the employees that you PERSONALLY screwed over and get their opinion.  Go back under the rock you crawled from.”

“I just scored some more bottles of Oxy and they’re the same price as always plus the discount. One of my previous customers just “beat it” so it’s all yours.”

“”Get everything in writing.” It takes hindsight to realize this? I cannot believe anyone gave you a single dollar if you needed to learn this.”

“This is starting to resemble the Cory Haim “comeback” to hollywood when he posted a full page ad saying he was back to make amends, yet was still a complete addict and jerkoff.”

“Is this step 10 of a 12 step program? BlameGame attacks but you parry.  BlameGame attacks but you dodge.  BlameGame attacks but you evade”

The jaded VG Vanboi’s are a nasty group of people, and it would be wise to not give them reports to support their filth.  Brad should’ve just linked the F13 interview and be done with it, but it’s too late now.  Who knows, Brad did always have a way with words but I don’t see a happy ending here.  Anyways, Good Luck Brad.