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Aion Review

August 16, 2009

I’m just about to finish up my second weekend of Aion beta access, and I’m not amused by the 1 – 10 levels at all.  By the time I reached level 9 I’m already at the point were I can’t stand logging in  for anymore than 20 minutes.  The leveling progresses with a typical quest grind system and it leads to a boring solo experience.    Also your spells are too spread out along the beginning levels, so I only had 1 or 2 abilities and a chain to use.  Developers really don’t need to start the learning curve out so low.  Suprise your players be creative and challenge them.

I know people say don’t judge the game based on the early levels, and there is some truth to that saying.  While the early levels don’t give you a taste everything, these levels are generally a good indication of what’s to come.  There’s a lot that I haven’t tested out and the potential is there, but I get the feeling this game isn’t going to really suck me into it.