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Back To WOW For Me

October 13, 2009

One thing I realized, for me at least, is that when you’re playing an MMO your less likely to blog.  After I quit Aion, I noticed that there is no noteworthy MMO’s coming out soon so I decided to go back to ol reliable WOW.  When I came back from vacation about 2 months ago and tried to log into WOW, it wouldn’t allow me to.  At the time I really didn’t care, because I was getting bored of the game and my game card was about to expire so I just said screw it.  Things changed and suddenly I wanted to go back to WOW and I had to call tech support.  I thought it was the whole conversion thing that was causing it, but after calling WOW tech support they said that my account was hacked.  At first I didn’t believe him and I thought it was just some lame excuse to cover up a little error on their end, but sure enough once they let me into the game I noticed my account was definitely hacked.

Every item I had on my characters that could have been vendored was sold, and the money I had obviously was gone.  The hackers did something interesting with my priest though.  He had 450 mining and all his bags were filled with saronite ore and gems, the hackers turned him into a mining bot.  I wasn’t exceptionaly geared to begin with and I didn’t have much money, so I figured with all the ore and money I could make through mining would cover up for what I’ve lost.  I’m much much better geared now than what I was prior to being hacked so it didn’t take me long to recover.  This may be the comspiracy theorist side of me coming out, but I’ve talked to other people who had their accounts hacked and it always seems to conviently happen when they’re on vacation.  It’s like they know when some guy hasn’t been on their account for a couple weeks so it’s time to hack it.  Due to this reason I think someone working for wow is supporting a hacking operation.

As for the game itself I been enjoying it doing mostly pvp and heroics, the new toc is a lot of fun I wish they would get some newer 5 man heroics the old ones are getting stale.  My brother and I just started 2v2 arenas and were doing ok for a ret pally and disc priest combo.  we’re slightly under 50% win lost ration but once we started getting pvp gear and learning the fights the wins came in much faster.  The new BG isle of conquest is fun at first but I really get tired of the heavy use of siege equipment.  With strands and isle you have more than enough seige heavy pvp and you can tell their not popular among the other players cause they’re the least que for BG’s.