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Stop Crying Over the Fantasy Setting

January 22, 2010

I’m so tired of hearing that the fantasy setting is over done in MMO’s.  In the past 5 years there has only been one fantasy MMO that is worth playing and that is WOW, and this game is far beyond it’s prime.  While it’s true that other fantasy MMO’s like LOTRO, EQII, WAR, and AION have reached a level of respectability in the MMO market, for the majority of MMO gamers these games have failed to hold our interest for more than a couple of months.  For me it feels like only two MMO’s have ever been realeased EQ and WOW.  The other games were just pitstops.  Just like WOW took EQ’s spot it’s time for a fantasy game to take WOW spot, and we just need the right developer to make it.  If it takes a dozen times to get it, right then so be it.

For the people who think other settings haven’t been tried in an MMO consider this.  You don’t like fantasy then go try sci-fi there’s EVE, STO, SWG, and SWTOR(in development).  Sci-fi isn’t your thing go try a superhero setting with Champions online, COH/COV, DC Universe(ID).  You don’t like superhero’s try the post-apocalytical setting that fallen earth or Earth Rise(ID).  It’s not like other settings haven’t been tried, and they can fail just like the fantasy setting.


Should There be More Transparency in MMO’s

January 15, 2010

Transparency is often used in the political world nowadays, but I think MMO companies are approaching the same level of secrecy as the government.  Would it really hurt the game if they were a bit more open in what they are working on?

I understand the fans may jump to their own conclusions and create misconceptions of the game. I also understand that since the game is in early development the game mechanics are likely to change. These are the the only two reasons I can think of for keeping the game a secret from potential players, and I really don’t think they’re that substantial.   The MMO community is old enough now to realize that these issues are obvious, and I doubt that there would be a huge backlash if some of them occur.

Companies have high end technology at their disposal, it’s too bad they don’t know how to use it to their advantage.  When it comes to pre-release marketing of their games, MMO developers have a lot to learn about creating communities.