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What Do you Think is 38 Studio’s Core Vision?

February 24, 2010

Inspired by Moorgard’s blog post.  We know Copernicus will take place in the fantasy setting, and with that 38S will inevitably have to fend off WOW clone comparisons.  My vision of the MMO industry is that there has only been 2 successful MMO’s, EQ and WOW.  Now there are other MMO’s out there that have found their niche in the market, but when you look at the mainstream success in the MMO’s market there are only 2 games that tasted it.

The core vision of EQ and WOW are completely opposite of each other, and 38S must pick one.  If you get stuck in-between these two visions, the end result tends to turn into a disorganized mess that players cannot immerse themselves in.   You can make a case for 38S creating their own vision, but I’m just not confident that there is enough room for innovation in the genre that will allow you to go off in some other direction.

Pick one of the two directions and make it better, but do not venture into both visions.  I know what vision I would like them to go in and that would be EQ’s, there’s a strong desire for a more traditional MMO in the community.  When you look at these two visions, WOW’s vision is attempted a lot more than EQ’s.


Do You Buy the Disclaimers?

February 22, 2010

Whenever someone from an MMO company that is developing a game posts a message on a forum, does an interview, or writes an article there’s always a disclaimer attached to it.  The information that I’m talking about now may be subject to change, or this article does not necessarily reflect how our game is being designed are two common disclaimers you may see quite a bit.  The individuals releasing the information are very good at what they do and carefully word their topis so that it’s just vague enough, so that the reader can’t draw any connections.  I know the disclaimer is there, but I just can’t help drawing some connections with what they say and their game.

Take for example R.A Salvatore’s interview with rerollz.  Everytime I was reading that article and he was referring back to his EQ expeirence, I was just thinking yes please create that again.  Then you remember that disclaimer and it brings you back down.