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Reaching Those Goals

April 22, 2010

I can cross getting my Warlock’s DPS to a respectable level off the list, to accomplish this I only had to trade my rogue to my brother for a few peices of gear.  It was well worth it because I don’t think I had the patience to gear him up, especially with the long DPS que’s.  I’m pulling anywhere between 3.5 to 5k in heroics now, which I’m happy with.  The only downside is the long waits to get into a group for the DPS classes.  My Warlock is ready for the raiding scene, but I’m not too enthusiastic about that part of the game.  So instead of concentrating on the lock, I decided to shoot for another goal which is getting my DK to 80.

Getting him to 80 will be the easy part, I’ll hit it by the time I’m back from my mini vacation this weekend.  I want my DK to be a tank, gearing him up and learning the role will be my hardest obstacles.  Today I ran my first normal instances at level 78, and had decent success.  My aggro was fairly decent and only one wipe, but I’m adapting nicely.  Tanking is certainly the most demanding role, but I’m enjoying it so far.


When Do you Start Hitting that Roadblock?

April 13, 2010

As I announced I been back to WOW for about a month now, hence my lack of blogging, and I set out some goals for myself.

-Gear out my priest with raid 245ish items.

-Get my 80 Warlock to do some respectable DPS in heroic groups 3kish.

-Level my DK to 80.

-Level my Rogue to 80.

My Priest goal had minimal success, I did get a few upgrades but not as much as I would like.  I wasn’t motivated at all for the DK and Lock goals, because I got too much into playing my rogue.  He was only level 15 when I went back, but I just blew through the levels and got him to 80 in a couple weeks.

I thought I would hit that roadblock that I usually do around HF or Dragonblight, but this time I blew right through it.  Unfortunately, I have found my ultimate roadblock and that is gearing up my characters to a respectable level.  I’m talking about early 80’s to something respectable like 3k dps in heroics.  My rogue does about 1.5 to 2k which is pretty embarassing, and I’m just not looking forward to the heroic grind that is ahead of me.  I think this is just my breaking point with WOW we’ll see though.