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WTF! Using a Sword Against a Skeleton??? I’m Outraged

July 25, 2010

What were they thinking?  Everyone knows you’re suppose to use a hammer against skeletons.

Seriously though I can’t believe the amount of negative attention this trailer from 38Studios is getting on this issue.  The trailer is for their single player RPG, which their MMO is suppose to be based on as well, and it’s not the greatest trailer, but it’s alright the fight scene was decent and mobs looked fairly badass.  They may have used the wrong weapons but how many MMO’s out there factor in weapon type to determine damage.

What I feel the real issue at play here is the atmoshere Curt and a few other have created regarding their game, backfiring.  Teasing on the forums, releasing vague information on your game, but nothing really informative, and the fear of releasing any solid info due to players getting the wrong impression.  Some of the secrecy is understandable, but all this teasing on forums and interviews is creating a lot of anticipation.  When you do release information, such as this trailer and the Kingdom’s of Amalur website, you can bet it will be thoroughly critiqued by your likely fanbase.

It’s fine to drop bombs every now and then, but pouring out a little information and easing the fanbase on in may not be a bad idea either.


Playing DPS and the Waiting Game

July 22, 2010

No matter which MMO you play there will always be one thing that they have in common, which is ,the great majority of the players will be playing DPS classes.  The dungeon finder tool helps provide the statistical evidence for this.  Despite having 3 slots for dps you still need to wait 5 times longer to get in then the other roles.

The number of roles in your MMO doesn’t seem to effect the dps population either.  EQ had many different roles, your typical group had healer, tank, puller, debuffer/buffer, and dps but despite the additional roles finding a group as dps always took much longer than the others.

WOW has few roles, smaller groups, and groups generally only lasted 30 mins.  EQ has more roles, bigger groups, and they could go on for hours.  Two completely different styles yet they both run into the same problem.  I love the single group content, it’s my favorite part of an MMO, so factors like this heavily way in on my class decision.  I don’t know if there is a solution to the “DPS waiting game”, it may just be something that you have to accept.