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MMO Power Ratings For August 2010

August 28, 2010

The MMO Power Rating System rates games in development as well as released.  Ratings are based on current up to date performances.  Highlights include top tier is dominated by games in development with strong emphasis on marketing at events.  Mid tiered a couple have been altering subscription model.

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Rift – (9) 9 – One of the most extensive class systems I have seen has been leaked out in a Gamescon video.  Beta starting up soon, and info about races, rifts, and other features are popping up as they amp up their marketing.  Rift has earned the highest standing on the list.

SWTOR – (9) 9 – Also amping up their marketing as we hear new information on ships, classes, and the zones.  Looks like they’re going to allow cross faction communication and cooperation, which is a good sign.  Rift slightly edges SWTOR out, but TOR has maintained their status.

GuildWars 2 – (7) 8 – Some amazing videos on class gameplay, cinematics, game features have been released.  Their dynamic events look really cool as well.  GW2 is shaping up to be an elite game, but need more info on classes before it reaches higher up.

FFXIV – (7) 8 – Releasing in September, FFXIV will be the next big name to take on the MMO market.  Beta has been going on for a bit now however the reactions have not been kind to them.  Also they’re taking heat with their fatigue system.  Eventhough, they have some bad publicity, the players will welcome something fresh in a stale market.  So they move up a point.

WOW – (8) 8 – Waiting on Cataclysm.

38 Studios – (8) 7 – Released a trailer for their single player rpg which based on the MMO, but received some heat over it.  Since then we heard nothing from the company, 38S Copernicus project moves down a notch.

Aion – (7) 7 – Moving on to the mid tiered games Aion is probably the most underrated of the group.  With Aion 2.0 coming in September, Aion deserves the lead of the middle tier.

Eve – (7) 7 –  The game everyone loves to read about, but not so much play it.  Losing $1000 in a pvp is amusing, and how many games out there get as much attention through player achieved in game actions.

TERA – (6) 7 – Some more videos about guilds and polical system seem pretty interesting.  Also their combat system tries to break the typical MMO mold, which you can also see in new videos.  The main concern will be, will they be able to westernize their game enough for our market.

EQ2 – (5)  6 –  EQ2x is free to try at the moment, and from the looks of things is going to be a successful promotion.  The new promotion is certainly enough to bump them up a notch in the ratings.

COH – (5) 5 –  At least the developers are still actively working on maintaining it as Going Rogue approaches.

EQ – (5) 5 – I love the EQ brand, but there is a such thing as too many expansions.  There’s not much enthusiasm for the new Trakanon server either.

Lotro – (6) 5 – Another game that took the F2P promotion, but It dosen’t look like it’s going to be a successful as eq2’s.  Drops down a notch.

WAR – (4) 4 – Moving down to lower tiered.  The best of the Worse goes to WAR!  I don’t even think they have developers actively trying to improve it anymore.

AOC – (3) 3 – see above.


How’s this for a Class List

August 23, 2010

Leak from a Gamescon video on Rift.


  1. Beastmaster (source)
  2. Champion
  3. Paladin [G]
  4. Paragon
  5. Reaver
  6. Riftblade
  7. Void Knight
  8. Warlord


  1. Druid
  2. Purifier
  3. Inquisitor
  4. Justicar
  5. Sentinel
  6. Shaman
  7. Warden
  8. ?


  1. Assassin (video @ 4:30)
  2. Bard (video @ 4:30)
  3. Blade Dancer
  4. Marksman
  5. Nightblade
  6. Ranger
  7. Riftstalker (video @ 3:30)
  8. Saboteur (source, 99.9% sure it’s a rogue)


  1. Elementalist
  2. Pyromancer
  3. Warlock [D]
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?

How Well will EQ2X Attract the Consumer

August 21, 2010

I’ve just jumped into the EQ2X world today, and right off the bat I could tell the game doesn’t really have much to offer compared to what is already on the market. Localized questing, solo oriented, typical class mechanics all very similar to most games out there.

Yet it’s a new world with people in it, and sometimes that’s enough to keep you playing. The last time I logged into this world was about a month after it released, and it still feels the same. I think I only made it to level 26 then went back to EQ.

The first thing you notice about EQ2X is how restrictive it is. You can only pick 2 classes from each archetype to play, limited bag space, and limited amount of gold you can carry, and I don’t have a problem with that, as you should expect such restrictions with this promotion.

Overall I’m just happy to be in the world of Norrath again. Sony saw that people are bored with whats out there and took advantage of it with their promotion. EQ2X will be successful.

The Everquest Title Will Live On.

August 7, 2010

It has been confirmed at the SOE Fan Faire that EQ Next is in early stages of development, and “EQ next” is the placeholder name for the actual game.  Here’s is a few comments regarding the game at the Q&A panel from EQ2wire, as well as my opinion of them.

“Not a direct progression of eq1 and eq2 but a reimagining. Changing some things. Keeping other things.”  – This is fine and what I was hoping for.  EQ just would be the same if it didn’t have the elements of Norrath.

“We know the differences between eq and eq2. And are focusing more on eq1.” – Also very excited to hear this.  We definitely need another Hardcore sandbox out there, casual design gets old fast.

“eq2 has too many classes can we go to base classes?  Huge applause  From eqnext lead: eqnext will make you happy.”  Another positive remark to hear.  EQ’s class system was perfect, and I hope they try to recreate it.

“designed from ground up with pvp in mind.” I’m not thrilled about this.  I just hope they don’t screw the PVE up because of PVP like many other games have.  The EQ brand has always been PVE first and that’s the way it should stay.

“we intend to deliver the story lines and role in another way than clicking through npc dialog boxes. The world should change around you.”  This is fine, but I hope they aren’t looking towards phasing,   there’s better ways to implement world change.

“the next two days will be a huge part of planning the game. We haven’t announce the game because it’s still early in development. We haven’t even decided on raid and group sizes.”  Raid size should be 42 group size 6.  They need to get the development for this game rolling, expansions number like 30 for EQ and EQ2 just aren’t going to cut it.  FTP EQ2 was a good move get an old school FTP server on EQ also to get back some of your player base, then you’ll be moving ahead full steam when your going into “EQ Next”.  Next couple of days should be very exciting.