Glutton For Punishment

Yesterday I made the unfortunate decision to activate my account to WOW once again, and I literally canceled my subscription hours after activating it.  What bizarre impulses I get sometimes, but the hook for me was the new talent system.  My curiosity just got the best of me.  As I mentioned in a previous post my account was hacked, so I had to go through the recovery process.  I have to congratulate Blizzard for improving the recovery for hacked accounts.  My items, cash, and gear were all given back to upon logging in.  Compared to last time, I had to call customer service to unlock my account, and I didn’t get anything back.  So I thank them for that, but that was the only positive thing that happened to me during my reactivation.

My priest’s favorite tree, the disciple tree, was a complete mess.  Now were suppose to weave in smite to take advantage of a couple talents.  One of them gives us Mana as well as increased healing effectiveness, and the other randomly heals the player with the lowest health for the amount of damage we do with smite.  Healing in WOW is reactive and spammy as hell, I don’t know how a group of veteran game designers actually think that healers have enough time to smite the mob while healing a raid.There’s also the knew Heal spell line which is a weak, long cast time but mana efficent heal.  There’s a talent for it which reduces the sheild debuff time, but the heal spell is soo weak and slow that it is not even worth casting.  All in all I would say the disciple tree royally sucks with this revamp.

Holy spec is a bit of a different story, They now use a chakra system, which I found to be pretty interesting but still needs work.  They have a renew, heal, and POM state that you can go in, and as long as you cast that spell enough you’ll stay in that chakra state.  The heal state is completely useless, and I have no clue why they felt they needed to bring this spell line into the game, they should’ve just made a greater healing chakra state.  Renew state I think would be pretty decent in single groups, it’s spammy and mana effcient but doesn’t have the greatest throughput.  Lastly is the Pom state, which I think is really the only state worth going into, with nice throughput and capability to raid heal.

The holy spec is stated to be a versatile healing spec, but really what you have is a spec ideal for a raid healing state with other 2 other states that are different but not useful.  The developers throw a lot at you with the holy spec, but really their going to play the same way as they did before, as raid healers.

I thought I would level my shaman to 80, but I don’t even have enough motivation to do that.  Everybody was doing the same old raids, same old dungeons, and same old everything else.  Combine that with what they did to the disc spec, just lead me to immediately cancel my sub.

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