I Would Love To See Rift As The New Top MMO

whether you like it or hate it, one thing you have to admit is that WOW is getting old.  You will always have the die hard fans that will play a game till the bitter end, but no game lasts forever.  Expansions bring some life back, but as time goes on the effect expansions have on a game is diminished.  Now it’s time for a new king of MMO’s, the timing is there but the quality must also be there.  Few games have been dubbed as the wow-killer, but they seem to only kill themselves with poor game-play.  At this point any AAA fantasy MMO is going to be dubbed as a wow-killer whether they like it or not, but I feel Rift may pull it off.

Although I have concerns, I love Rifts class system.  Unlike Warhammer which basically just copied the classes of one side to the other, the classes in Rift seem quite different.  The soul combining offers a lot of customization, the options seem endless for players to find the favorite build.  Rift’s time has come, and they need to perform.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that 1 million people will at least try out the game, how well they retain them is another story.

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