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WoW…Not For Kids Anymore

December 13, 2010

Anyone who is playing a healer in WOW has realized a huge transformation in their playstyle.  I give Blizzard credit for pulling out all stops and making the game a lot more challenging.  Every point of mana is precious, forms of CC are now necessary, as well as picking the right moments for cooldowns.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the player base will react positively to it.  There has been a noticeable resistance to the change on the WOW forums, but I guess that is expected.  Give it some time, and lets see how players come around.  I have to admit it seems that they went a bit extreme as well.  Healers can barely budge these huge health pools.  The mana cost/healing amount ratios need to be looked at again.

I’m not saying they need to go back to lich king ratios, but what they have currently is just too extreme.  You go from one extreme to the other and you just need to find that balance.


Rocking With Amumu

December 2, 2010

In League of Legends you will have a lot of champions to choose from.  You’re going to suck with some of them, others you’ll be inconsistent with, and sometimes your success depends on what your enemy setup looks like.  Eventually you find that one champion that you play very well with, and the sad little mummy is that champion for me.

He’s not a great laner, but he jungles very well.  I find that Jungling in the early game is always a more effective means to collect gold than laning, and is the only way I play Amumu.  Your ult gives you the ability to effectively gank a lane, eventhough it’s not your specialty.  Another reason why I love this champ is that all of his damage is aoe, and he has 2 stuns which make him deadly in team fights and mid to late game creep kills.  He’s a very fast champion to gear up.

The only downside is I see more enemy teams jungling nowadays, and it’s very hard to hold a jungle if the opposing team tries to gank you.  If this happens, it really knocks you off your game.