WoW…Not For Kids Anymore

Anyone who is playing a healer in WOW has realized a huge transformation in their playstyle.  I give Blizzard credit for pulling out all stops and making the game a lot more challenging.  Every point of mana is precious, forms of CC are now necessary, as well as picking the right moments for cooldowns.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the player base will react positively to it.  There has been a noticeable resistance to the change on the WOW forums, but I guess that is expected.  Give it some time, and lets see how players come around.  I have to admit it seems that they went a bit extreme as well.  Healers can barely budge these huge health pools.  The mana cost/healing amount ratios need to be looked at again.

I’m not saying they need to go back to lich king ratios, but what they have currently is just too extreme.  You go from one extreme to the other and you just need to find that balance.

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