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Rocking With Amumu

December 2, 2010

In League of Legends you will have a lot of champions to choose from.  You’re going to suck with some of them, others you’ll be inconsistent with, and sometimes your success depends on what your enemy setup looks like.  Eventually you find that one champion that you play very well with, and the sad little mummy is that champion for me.

He’s not a great laner, but he jungles very well.  I find that Jungling in the early game is always a more effective means to collect gold than laning, and is the only way I play Amumu.  Your ult gives you the ability to effectively gank a lane, eventhough it’s not your specialty.  Another reason why I love this champ is that all of his damage is aoe, and he has 2 stuns which make him deadly in team fights and mid to late game creep kills.  He’s a very fast champion to gear up.

The only downside is I see more enemy teams jungling nowadays, and it’s very hard to hold a jungle if the opposing team tries to gank you.  If this happens, it really knocks you off your game.


League of Legends Has The Hook On Me

October 8, 2010

Another RPG-like game in the sense that you use abilities, spells, and itemize your character just like you would in an RPG, but has no world to explore.  One thing I found out, the more you play the less you blog.  LOL probably has the best tactical team based gameplay out there at the moment, and I highly recommend it.  Of course your going to want to rage quit sometimes as you do with any PVP game, but don’t let it get to you.

Rift sent out a “chance” to get into beta notifications to many people this past week, which I’m hoping that I would be lucky to get into.  I figure in the next couple months my game time is either going to consist of Cataclysm or Rift beta, and I really don’t want to play Cataclysm.

I also recommend you to subscribe to the 38Studios newsletter, if your interested in the RPG they are creating.  Recently I received another Email from them, and it seems they’re setting up to release some info.