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How Can Rift Overcome The WOW Clone Pit Of Fail?

October 19, 2010

Anyone that has read my blog before will know that I am the old school EQ hardcore mechanics type of MMO player, but  I won’t let my perfect vision of an MMO get in the way of another MMO’s potential success.  The meaning of this is although I would love to play old school EQ again, I wouldn’t mind playing a fresh casual friendly WOW again either.

Rift’s setting, graphics, gameplay, tree system will cause others to view the game as a WOW clone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t feel that every WOW clone is doomed to fail, even-though everyone one has failed.  Maybe you play WOW and enjoy it, or play WOW because there’s nothing else out there, but one thing you can’t deny is the game is getting old and tiresome.  If your going to make a WOW clone I believe now is the time to do it.

My advice to the Rift developers would be, make your game as casual friendly as you can.  If its too long to find a group, takes too long to level, death penalties are difficult to recover from, then players will not have the patience to stick around.  Rift’s main obstacle to going to be to avoid being the most noteworthy WOW clone, Warhammer.  1 -10 WAR was the most enjoyable game I ever played with their public quests, scenarios, and RVR battles, 11 – 20 was fine same thing new setting, 20 – 30 now it’s starting to get tiring and the game was getting too grindy, 30 – 40 end subscription.  Rift needs to avoid this, how is their life, death, earth, water, fire, and air rifts going to keep players entertained after seeing them a dozen times.


League of Legends Has The Hook On Me

October 8, 2010

Another RPG-like game in the sense that you use abilities, spells, and itemize your character just like you would in an RPG, but has no world to explore.  One thing I found out, the more you play the less you blog.  LOL probably has the best tactical team based gameplay out there at the moment, and I highly recommend it.  Of course your going to want to rage quit sometimes as you do with any PVP game, but don’t let it get to you.

Rift sent out a “chance” to get into beta notifications to many people this past week, which I’m hoping that I would be lucky to get into.  I figure in the next couple months my game time is either going to consist of Cataclysm or Rift beta, and I really don’t want to play Cataclysm.

I also recommend you to subscribe to the 38Studios newsletter, if your interested in the RPG they are creating.  Recently I received another Email from them, and it seems they’re setting up to release some info.

Rift Impresses at PAX

September 7, 2010

Horiftic Intentions Has a good summary on some of the information that we have received about Rift at PAX.  The summary includes some new classes, dungeon experience, addon info, pvp, and other general information.  Rift has certainly made a name for itself at PAX, as fans are begging for the beta client or release of the game on their forums.

Out of All the information I heard from PAX I like this the most “Took Kilrathi and group 2 hours to clear it, with a PvP-geared tank and premade characters.  Healer was a HoT Warden.  Second boss two-shot the tank.  Premade characters were level 25.  Sounds like a really challenging instance.  Had to switch out a DPS rogue for a burst healer to complete.”

I would love the single group content to be anything different from the pull a group of mobs and ae them down.  I really have no clue what trash mobs in WOW were for other than bland gameplay.  I feel that Rift’s class system lends itself to a more diverse gameplay.  Your gonna want your healer, tank, and DPS, but instead of a pure 3rd DPS, I think groups are going to go more for a DPS that can support heal on the side, a DPS that can also help tank on the side, or a DPS that can CC on the side.

It’s seems like a subtle difference, but challenging content calls for groups to pull out all the stops and throw whatever they can at the enemy.  I fully expect Rift to push their players to their limits.

Have You Picked Your Rift Class

September 3, 2010

Take a look at youtube user Telarapedia’s uploads, most of the soul trees are up.  After careful consideration, I’ve decided I’m going to play a shaman/warden class combo and just skip the 3rd soul.  here’s the video for both.

I have a special attachment to the shaman class, due to enjoying them in previous games, but when I looked at the soul tree for Rift’s shaman my first reaction was ‘what the hell’.  They’re in the cleric calling but have no real heals or rez, they do have their buffs and they’re a melee oriented class.  After looking at the soul tree for a bit, I tried to look at the other trees I could combine it with to make it feel a bit more of an ideal shaman, and I think the warden is the perfect compliment.

I will go 31 points into the Shaman tree, picking up the buffs, combat stat increases, and mana management abilities.  Then, 20 points in the warden tree picking up healing ability increases, wisdom buff, triggered heal, and mana pool increase.

The whole idea of my shaman/warden soul combo is to be able to focus on DPS with shaman abilities, while using the low maintenance heals of the Warden.  The Warden’s heal are Hots and triggered, So I don’t have to deal with healing cast-times cutting into my DPS too much.

I’m hoping my healing will be enough to take care of single group content, but I’m not expecting to be effective on raids.  I’m also hoping that my DPS will be some what comparable to a rogue class, since the shaman doesn’t have much in the way of heals.  While I’m expecting my class to be a strong single group player, I think I could fulfill the role of support healer, mediocre DPS, and Raid buffer which will bring a unique value to raids.

Rift’s Class System Dilema

September 2, 2010

Take a look at this video starting at the 1:45 minute mark, where he’s designing a class.

He uses a total of 30 points, I’m sure that’s not max level, but look at how far he goes up each tree.  7 in champion and 9 in void knight just a quarter of the way up the tree, and 14 in riftblade not even halfway up the tree.  Max level is probably 50 – 60, which is another 20 – 30 points, which will allow him to top out one tree.

With the tree system the higher you go the stronger your abilities, and the deeper your root, so there is a strong incentive to go deep into trees in Rift.  My concern is combing 3 souls may be a bit too much.  The points are going to be too spread out to be as effective as a 2 soul combo.

The question is what is going to be a dominant build?  Going to the top in 1, and about 1/2 to 2/3 in another.  As opposed to top in one, and 1/4  to 1/3 in 2 others.  If you’re not going deep in a tree, you’re not taking advantage of your deep root abilities.  That is why I think 2 souls may be more dominant than three.

How’s this for a Class List

August 23, 2010

Leak from a Gamescon video on Rift.


  1. Beastmaster (source)
  2. Champion
  3. Paladin [G]
  4. Paragon
  5. Reaver
  6. Riftblade
  7. Void Knight
  8. Warlord


  1. Druid
  2. Purifier
  3. Inquisitor
  4. Justicar
  5. Sentinel
  6. Shaman
  7. Warden
  8. ?


  1. Assassin (video @ 4:30)
  2. Bard (video @ 4:30)
  3. Blade Dancer
  4. Marksman
  5. Nightblade
  6. Ranger
  7. Riftstalker (video @ 3:30)
  8. Saboteur (source, 99.9% sure it’s a rogue)


  1. Elementalist
  2. Pyromancer
  3. Warlock [D]
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?