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WoW…Not For Kids Anymore

December 13, 2010

Anyone who is playing a healer in WOW has realized a huge transformation in their playstyle.  I give Blizzard credit for pulling out all stops and making the game a lot more challenging.  Every point of mana is precious, forms of CC are now necessary, as well as picking the right moments for cooldowns.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the player base will react positively to it.  There has been a noticeable resistance to the change on the WOW forums, but I guess that is expected.  Give it some time, and lets see how players come around.  I have to admit it seems that they went a bit extreme as well.  Healers can barely budge these huge health pools.  The mana cost/healing amount ratios need to be looked at again.

I’m not saying they need to go back to lich king ratios, but what they have currently is just too extreme.  You go from one extreme to the other and you just need to find that balance.


I’m Not Going To Buy Cataclysm

November 12, 2010

Although I never been a big fan of WOW, I’ve always been willing to try it out and come to the conclusion that it’s a decent game but not my taste.  My decision to pass on Cataclysm  has nothing to do with the expansion or game as a whole, just one simple change with the priest class.  From my short stint back to test the new talent system and from what others have been saying from the beta test, the priest class has taken a big hit in Cataclysm.

As far as healing goes priests where fairly well balanced in WOTLK, although disc priest wasn’t as adequate at tank healing as they should have been they still had their strong points.  Paladins have always been overpowered at healing and it looks like that isn’t going to continue in Cata.  Druids are reportedly going to get a nice boost as well.  The class designers seem to constantly miss when it comes to priests, and I just don’t want to play a broken healing class.  When I look at their track record. I really don’t have any hope that this is going to change.

You can say that there’s other features to have fun with like the new content, races, or just play other classes but I don’t feel any of that stuff is to write home about and the priest is my main class.  I would never be able to do 85 levels of WOW again.

Glutton For Punishment

October 22, 2010

Yesterday I made the unfortunate decision to activate my account to WOW once again, and I literally canceled my subscription hours after activating it.  What bizarre impulses I get sometimes, but the hook for me was the new talent system.  My curiosity just got the best of me.  As I mentioned in a previous post my account was hacked, so I had to go through the recovery process.  I have to congratulate Blizzard for improving the recovery for hacked accounts.  My items, cash, and gear were all given back to upon logging in.  Compared to last time, I had to call customer service to unlock my account, and I didn’t get anything back.  So I thank them for that, but that was the only positive thing that happened to me during my reactivation.

My priest’s favorite tree, the disciple tree, was a complete mess.  Now were suppose to weave in smite to take advantage of a couple talents.  One of them gives us Mana as well as increased healing effectiveness, and the other randomly heals the player with the lowest health for the amount of damage we do with smite.  Healing in WOW is reactive and spammy as hell, I don’t know how a group of veteran game designers actually think that healers have enough time to smite the mob while healing a raid.There’s also the knew Heal spell line which is a weak, long cast time but mana efficent heal.  There’s a talent for it which reduces the sheild debuff time, but the heal spell is soo weak and slow that it is not even worth casting.  All in all I would say the disciple tree royally sucks with this revamp.

Holy spec is a bit of a different story, They now use a chakra system, which I found to be pretty interesting but still needs work.  They have a renew, heal, and POM state that you can go in, and as long as you cast that spell enough you’ll stay in that chakra state.  The heal state is completely useless, and I have no clue why they felt they needed to bring this spell line into the game, they should’ve just made a greater healing chakra state.  Renew state I think would be pretty decent in single groups, it’s spammy and mana effcient but doesn’t have the greatest throughput.  Lastly is the Pom state, which I think is really the only state worth going into, with nice throughput and capability to raid heal.

The holy spec is stated to be a versatile healing spec, but really what you have is a spec ideal for a raid healing state with other 2 other states that are different but not useful.  The developers throw a lot at you with the holy spec, but really their going to play the same way as they did before, as raid healers.

I thought I would level my shaman to 80, but I don’t even have enough motivation to do that.  Everybody was doing the same old raids, same old dungeons, and same old everything else.  Combine that with what they did to the disc spec, just lead me to immediately cancel my sub.

Blizzard Reminds Me That They Blow

September 15, 2010

It has been about 5 months since I deactivated my WOW account, so of course its about that time to be notified my account has been hacked once again.  I checked my armory and sure enough my priest is missing 5 pieces of armor, I guess they vendor it for every last piece they can grab off ya.  Obviously I’m going to have no gold left, but hey maybe I’ll have bags full of saronite and gems like the last time my account was hacked.

I changed my password, I don’t visit any bad sites, and I know not to click on the stupid fake emails, yet my account still manages to get hacked every-time I deactivate it.  WoW is the only game I manage to have a hacking problem with, out of many online games I played.  I haven’t even typed in my user-name and password for the past 5 months, so if they’re using a key logger then why would it be hacked now.   It feels like someone on the inside is giving out deactivated account info to some Chinese gold farmers, because there is just too much shit that doesn’t make any fucking sense.  Activated accounts are the ones keeping gold farmers in business, so why would they give out their info.

The most irritating thing about this mess isn’t the loss of gold or gear, because I can easily make up for those losses, but it’s the sense that your account can be hacked whenever someone feels like it and do whatever they want.  Blizzard is completely incompetent when it comes to security, but they have too many fanboys on their jock to give a damn.  I’ve seen hackers slip under the terrain and just warp too the closest nodes to auto mine, this is what they love to do with my account.  There’s the most common one where we have 20 female mages spelling out their companies web site in the city while in mid-air.  It’s nice to have a hacker on your side though, as I did once in WSG when it was 9 v 2, me and some orc, as the match started the orc tells me to wait in the flag room as he warps across the sky, and manages to capture and cap their flag before the other team even makes it to our side.

I don’t expect a game to be hack free, but Blizzard’s disregard to account security is a complete act of ignorance and stupidity.  I’ve never been too enthusiastic about WOW, I’m one of those ‘play for two months when new content or expansion is released then quit again’ types, but I would be surprised if I see myself in WOW again.

MMO Power Ratings

June 18, 2010

You often see power ranking on the sport sites, and I would like to do something similar for MMO’s.  Before the football season even starts, you can gague how a team is going to do based on their stats on paper and how they did last season.  During the season things change though, some players get injured others perform unexpectedly well or bad that throw your predictions out of wack.  This is where power rankings come in to factor in all of these  circumstances and put up a more realistic ranking system.

I’m going to start the same thing but with MMO’s and not and ranking but rating system.  I’m going to focus on the biggest titles in development as well as main MMO”s relased.  Obviously that could include quite a lot, so I’m going to be selective to which games I feel have an inpact in the genre.  When deciding an MMO’s rating I focus mainly what’s going on at this present time, rather than what happened in the past.  Things like press realeases, public interest, videos, screenshots, and any type of information that can cause more excitement for their game can all effect the rating.   A 10 will be the highest rating.

Xor’s Power Ratings: MMO|Rating|Previous Rating|Comment

SWTOR: 9(8) – Solid E3 showing with trailer and good interviews.  armor, ships, and pvp info revealed.

Rift Planes of Telara: 9(7) – released interesting class system recently.  Awesome hands on gameplay video giving a taste of rifts and dungeons.  Rift Jumps up a couple notches in the ratings

FF14: 8(7) – new trailer released at E3 and graphics look amazing.  Still standing firm on 2010 release.   Rumors of a Bard class are starting to come out.

WOW: 8(9) – Still the popular game to play atm, but content is getting dried out.  A couple mechanics are getting cut out of cataclysm so drops down a notch.

Tera: 8(7) – Good E3 showing.  Interesting revelations on PVP, end game, the world, and combat mechanics.

38 Studios 7(8) – They have big names and a good team, but it was disappointing not seeing and info released for E3.  I think they just let their competitors have a head start.

Lotro 7(6) – Going free to play might bring some life back to the game.

Aion 6(6) – While it’s not in WOW’s league they did manage to find an ok number of subs.  Nice alternative to WOW if you need a break.

Reaching My Final Goal in WOW – Tanking

June 6, 2010

I got my preist geared, my Warlock’s doing some nice DPS, and finally I got my DK geared enough to do some heroics as a tanked.  I feel like I’ve done it all now, and my DK even successfully tanked HOR.

After playing every role you can, I would say healing is my favorite and tanking is my least.  I have new found respect for tanks after playing a bit in their shoes.  DPS is easy most of the time your just casting Aoe’s.  As a healer most heroics I just toss my shield up and just dps, some LK dungeons keep you on your toes though.  Tanks don’t get a break though, they always have to stay on top of the aggro list, and there’s always some dumb dps not assisting and going insane on a mob.

You have your typical energy, combo pooints, rage, mana, but The DK rune system is an excellent system, that is definetly hard to master.  You have to give WOW devs credit for their class design with all their different builds.  Leveling, dps, pvp, tanking, healing other games have tried to mimic WOW’s talent system, but don’t even come close to WOW’s master of the design.

Sometimes it Sucks Being the Healer

December 18, 2009

I think I overdosed on the new lfg tool in WOW a bit, It had to happen sooner or later. I finally found an incompatible group, and whenever shit goes wrong all the the blame tends to go to the healer. I’ve passed every dungeon numerous times, I’ve successfully healed on raids, and I’ve even done the more challenging newer dungeons so I’m defintely capable of playing my class. But appently I suck.

I suck because I can’t cast heals when I’m spell locked.

I suck because the tank thinks he’s hot and pulls double stacks of mobs in Old Kingdom, which the spell flinger’s cast a spell that decreases hp by 80%.

I suck because the group can’t move away from exploding ghouls vs the BK.

I’ve been in an argument with a player where it was like screw it I’m out of here, and I’ve been kicked from a group in toc so I go off to pit of saron and finish with no problems. So people want to throw blame at their healer without knowing the circumstances go ahead that’s the easy thing to do. Find a new healer and I’ll even wish you good luck and hope you complete. I’ll just find a new group and do my thing.
That’s the WOW community for you it’s kind of trashy but you put up with it.