WoW…Not For Kids Anymore

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Anyone who is playing a healer in WOW has realized a huge transformation in their playstyle.  I give Blizzard credit for pulling out all stops and making the game a lot more challenging.  Every point of mana is precious, forms of CC are now necessary, as well as picking the right moments for cooldowns.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the player base will react positively to it.  There has been a noticeable resistance to the change on the WOW forums, but I guess that is expected.  Give it some time, and lets see how players come around.  I have to admit it seems that they went a bit extreme as well.  Healers can barely budge these huge health pools.  The mana cost/healing amount ratios need to be looked at again.

I’m not saying they need to go back to lich king ratios, but what they have currently is just too extreme.  You go from one extreme to the other and you just need to find that balance.

Rocking With Amumu

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In League of Legends you will have a lot of champions to choose from.  You’re going to suck with some of them, others you’ll be inconsistent with, and sometimes your success depends on what your enemy setup looks like.  Eventually you find that one champion that you play very well with, and the sad little mummy is that champion for me.

He’s not a great laner, but he jungles very well.  I find that Jungling in the early game is always a more effective means to collect gold than laning, and is the only way I play Amumu.  Your ult gives you the ability to effectively gank a lane, eventhough it’s not your specialty.  Another reason why I love this champ is that all of his damage is aoe, and he has 2 stuns which make him deadly in team fights and mid to late game creep kills.  He’s a very fast champion to gear up.

The only downside is I see more enemy teams jungling nowadays, and it’s very hard to hold a jungle if the opposing team tries to gank you.  If this happens, it really knocks you off your game.

I Would Love To See Rift As The New Top MMO

Posted November 21, 2010 by xorakis
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whether you like it or hate it, one thing you have to admit is that WOW is getting old.  You will always have the die hard fans that will play a game till the bitter end, but no game lasts forever.  Expansions bring some life back, but as time goes on the effect expansions have on a game is diminished.  Now it’s time for a new king of MMO’s, the timing is there but the quality must also be there.  Few games have been dubbed as the wow-killer, but they seem to only kill themselves with poor game-play.  At this point any AAA fantasy MMO is going to be dubbed as a wow-killer whether they like it or not, but I feel Rift may pull it off.

Although I have concerns, I love Rifts class system.  Unlike Warhammer which basically just copied the classes of one side to the other, the classes in Rift seem quite different.  The soul combining offers a lot of customization, the options seem endless for players to find the favorite build.  Rift’s time has come, and they need to perform.  It’s not an exaggeration to say that 1 million people will at least try out the game, how well they retain them is another story.

I’m Not Going To Buy Cataclysm

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Although I never been a big fan of WOW, I’ve always been willing to try it out and come to the conclusion that it’s a decent game but not my taste.  My decision to pass on Cataclysm  has nothing to do with the expansion or game as a whole, just one simple change with the priest class.  From my short stint back to test the new talent system and from what others have been saying from the beta test, the priest class has taken a big hit in Cataclysm.

As far as healing goes priests where fairly well balanced in WOTLK, although disc priest wasn’t as adequate at tank healing as they should have been they still had their strong points.  Paladins have always been overpowered at healing and it looks like that isn’t going to continue in Cata.  Druids are reportedly going to get a nice boost as well.  The class designers seem to constantly miss when it comes to priests, and I just don’t want to play a broken healing class.  When I look at their track record. I really don’t have any hope that this is going to change.

You can say that there’s other features to have fun with like the new content, races, or just play other classes but I don’t feel any of that stuff is to write home about and the priest is my main class.  I would never be able to do 85 levels of WOW again.

A New Post! OMG!

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I haven’t posted on here in a while, and I won’t even use the typical ‘I’ve been busy’ excuse because I really haven’t been, so I apologize for my inactivity.  I feel like I’m in a ‘blogger’s block’ at the moment, with not much going on MMO wise, so I’ve been spending most of my free time watching horror movies on youtube, playing LOL, and now Black Ops.  I’m trying to shake this rut off, and I want to get back into the habit of posting 3 to 4 times a week.

One thing that myself and MMO developers have in common, is that were in a really bad streak, and the MMO industry has been like that for years.  The latest big name release of FFXIV has officially made Yahoo’s biggest game flops of 2010 list.

Glutton For Punishment

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Yesterday I made the unfortunate decision to activate my account to WOW once again, and I literally canceled my subscription hours after activating it.  What bizarre impulses I get sometimes, but the hook for me was the new talent system.  My curiosity just got the best of me.  As I mentioned in a previous post my account was hacked, so I had to go through the recovery process.  I have to congratulate Blizzard for improving the recovery for hacked accounts.  My items, cash, and gear were all given back to upon logging in.  Compared to last time, I had to call customer service to unlock my account, and I didn’t get anything back.  So I thank them for that, but that was the only positive thing that happened to me during my reactivation.

My priest’s favorite tree, the disciple tree, was a complete mess.  Now were suppose to weave in smite to take advantage of a couple talents.  One of them gives us Mana as well as increased healing effectiveness, and the other randomly heals the player with the lowest health for the amount of damage we do with smite.  Healing in WOW is reactive and spammy as hell, I don’t know how a group of veteran game designers actually think that healers have enough time to smite the mob while healing a raid.There’s also the knew Heal spell line which is a weak, long cast time but mana efficent heal.  There’s a talent for it which reduces the sheild debuff time, but the heal spell is soo weak and slow that it is not even worth casting.  All in all I would say the disciple tree royally sucks with this revamp.

Holy spec is a bit of a different story, They now use a chakra system, which I found to be pretty interesting but still needs work.  They have a renew, heal, and POM state that you can go in, and as long as you cast that spell enough you’ll stay in that chakra state.  The heal state is completely useless, and I have no clue why they felt they needed to bring this spell line into the game, they should’ve just made a greater healing chakra state.  Renew state I think would be pretty decent in single groups, it’s spammy and mana effcient but doesn’t have the greatest throughput.  Lastly is the Pom state, which I think is really the only state worth going into, with nice throughput and capability to raid heal.

The holy spec is stated to be a versatile healing spec, but really what you have is a spec ideal for a raid healing state with other 2 other states that are different but not useful.  The developers throw a lot at you with the holy spec, but really their going to play the same way as they did before, as raid healers.

I thought I would level my shaman to 80, but I don’t even have enough motivation to do that.  Everybody was doing the same old raids, same old dungeons, and same old everything else.  Combine that with what they did to the disc spec, just lead me to immediately cancel my sub.

How Can Rift Overcome The WOW Clone Pit Of Fail?

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Anyone that has read my blog before will know that I am the old school EQ hardcore mechanics type of MMO player, but  I won’t let my perfect vision of an MMO get in the way of another MMO’s potential success.  The meaning of this is although I would love to play old school EQ again, I wouldn’t mind playing a fresh casual friendly WOW again either.

Rift’s setting, graphics, gameplay, tree system will cause others to view the game as a WOW clone, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I don’t feel that every WOW clone is doomed to fail, even-though everyone one has failed.  Maybe you play WOW and enjoy it, or play WOW because there’s nothing else out there, but one thing you can’t deny is the game is getting old and tiresome.  If your going to make a WOW clone I believe now is the time to do it.

My advice to the Rift developers would be, make your game as casual friendly as you can.  If its too long to find a group, takes too long to level, death penalties are difficult to recover from, then players will not have the patience to stick around.  Rift’s main obstacle to going to be to avoid being the most noteworthy WOW clone, Warhammer.  1 -10 WAR was the most enjoyable game I ever played with their public quests, scenarios, and RVR battles, 11 – 20 was fine same thing new setting, 20 – 30 now it’s starting to get tiring and the game was getting too grindy, 30 – 40 end subscription.  Rift needs to avoid this, how is their life, death, earth, water, fire, and air rifts going to keep players entertained after seeing them a dozen times.

League of Legends Has The Hook On Me

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Another RPG-like game in the sense that you use abilities, spells, and itemize your character just like you would in an RPG, but has no world to explore.  One thing I found out, the more you play the less you blog.  LOL probably has the best tactical team based gameplay out there at the moment, and I highly recommend it.  Of course your going to want to rage quit sometimes as you do with any PVP game, but don’t let it get to you.

Rift sent out a “chance” to get into beta notifications to many people this past week, which I’m hoping that I would be lucky to get into.  I figure in the next couple months my game time is either going to consist of Cataclysm or Rift beta, and I really don’t want to play Cataclysm.

I also recommend you to subscribe to the 38Studios newsletter, if your interested in the RPG they are creating.  Recently I received another Email from them, and it seems they’re setting up to release some info.

Email From 38 Studios

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Welcome to Amalur

Several months ago when we informed you of the discontinuation of the Azeroth Advisor, you kindly confirmed your desire to stay connected to the entertainment experiences being created by 38 Studios.  Since then, more details have been released about the worlds we are bringing to life.

Kingdoms of Amalur is an original fantasy universe that serves as the setting for both Reckoning and 38 Studios’ upcoming massively multiplayer game, codenamed Project Copernicus. Amalur’s cultures and expansive history were created by R. A. Salvatore, and the world is being brought to life through the artistic vision of Todd McFarlane. Legendary game designer Ken Rolston provides players their first journey into Kingdoms of Amalur through the hero’s journey in Reckoning. The story of Amalur will continue to expand through comic books, novels, toys and additional games.

We are preparing to launch the online newsletter for Reckoning, our single player RPG currently under development and scheduled for release in fall 2011.  Soon, you will receive a letter welcoming you to this newsletter, which will be distributed monthly beginning in October.
All of us at 38 Studios look forward to keeping you informed, engaged and excited.

Welcome to Reckoning!

Denise Kaigler
Chief Marketing Officer
38 Studios

Civilization 5 Gameplay

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I just completed two games of Civ 5, and they are incredibly long but quite eventful as well.  The games took about a total of 10 hours each on two different difficulty levels.  During the first game I decided to just attack every civ and city state in site which turned out to be fairly effective.  I was in the renaissance era while others were in the  classical or medieval era, and most civs only had 2 to 3 cities.  It only took a couple units to take each civ out, so I decided to take the difficulty up a bit.

I played the next game at the prince level, and decided to go for the science victory this time.  My civ was growing nicely, I had good relationships with other civs that could provide me with resources which kept my happiness at a good level.  My cities were very productive, which allowed my to construct units, buildings, and wonders at a good pace.  Everything was going fairly good till I got to the modern era, and England decided to go to war with me.  The Queen kept throwing military units at me, but each of my cities had high defense as well as artillery units garrisoned in them, so they weren’t able to make a dent on me.  After fending off her attack, I decided to return the favor.  I threw some anti-tank and infantry units at her, and managed to take one city.  Unfortuneatly, she just swarmed me and took it back, after that it got quiet for a bit.

I gained some more tech and built a navy and a fighter plane, and spread a few destroyers, subs, and carrier along the ocean that separated my civ from England.  Their next effort to attack me was completely futile, as they were not even able to pass the ocean.  While my war with England was going on, Rome just cruised their way to victory ending the game.

This game is a lot of fun, and although it’s not a MMORPG I feel it attracts a lot of the same crowd.  I highly recommend it.